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Prepare Your Lawn Mower for Spring

Your mower likely sat untouched all winter. With spring around the corner, it's time to prepare it for work. Always observe safety measures and take extra precautions when working with power tools and sharp edges. 


Whether it sat in a shed, garage or other storage space, dirt and debris accumulate on unused tools. Clear leaves, sticks, or grass clumps from the blades. Protect your hands with work gloves, and ensure the mower cannot start while you're cleaning it. 

Gas Check

If you didn't stow your mower with an empty take over the winter, it's a good idea to empty and refill. Harsh temperatures and long periods of inoperation can cause difficulty restarting, even if the gas seems good. Dispose of the old properly in a well-ventilated area, and refill your tank. 

Check Your Plugs

Spark plugs start the engine. If they're dirty or lightly rusted, they may need a quick cleaning. If they're old or rusted beyond repair, it's time to replace them. Tips for determining whether to replace or clean can be found here. 

Sharpen the Blades

Blades become dull over time. We recommend seeking a professional for blade sharpening. Hardware stores will do this for a small fee. 

Oil Change

After storage, the oil will likely need replacement, especially for push mowers. Check the dipstick; if oil isn't registering, add the recommended type and amount via manufacturer instruction.

Prepping your lawn mower for spring isn't complicated and it shouldn't take long, but will dramatically expedite your lawn care upkeep during the warmer months. 

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