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ATV Activities for the Holiday Season

Holidays can be such a polarizing time: joyful, but full of stress. Time with family, but maybe a little too much time with family. We recommend taking a self-care break! Here are some ideas to stay active and boost your happiness during the holidays with the help of your ATV. As always, practice the utmost safety during any activity involving power vehicles. Midwest Traction does not support improper usage of vehicles or violation of local, state, or federal law. 

Fell a Tree

If you live near a tree farm that permits ATVs, ride yours out, pick the perfect tree, and haul it home. Take your ATV-riding friends, bring your family, introduce someone new to the joys of ATV riding, and make a day of it. Pack tie downs in your luggage rack and make sure you have ample room for a tree on your vehicle.

Pretty Lights

We love Christmas lights. Check your local laws and ride your ATV around your neighborhoods to check out everyone's decorations (where permitted). We champion fresh air rides over stuffy car travels any day when the weather is tolerable.

Sledding Fun for All

You can do it the old-fashioned way, where you locate a steep hill, climb to the top, and fly to the bottom. Where permissible, use your ATV as a makeshift ski-lift to transport sledders to the top of the hill. If you're in a flatter area, use your ATV as the motor to your sled by attaching a rope and pulling kids, friends, grandkids, etc around. Never attempt this on public roads and keep your speed low. Always have someone monitor the rope to make sure it's not getting tangled, caught, or bunched. This type of sledding is sometimes referred to as hooky bobbing. 

Another fun ATV activity: stack a few hay bales on a small trailer and pull your friends and family around on a mini hayride. Use caution and make sure that all passengers are safely and securely seated. 

Play Santa

Everyone loves little surprises, especially around the holiday. If you've baked a bunch of goodies and feel like becoming really popular with your neighbors, pack them up and drop them off with your ATV. Santa 2.0, but with food and power vehicles. Who doesn't love that? 

Carol, Carol

Okay, so maybe you don't have a friend named Carol who likes to sing Christmas carols (but if you do, we want to hear about it!), and maybe you're not into #DadJokes like we are (can you blame us?). But if you're someone who likes to sing, or you know a group of people who do, put together a group, outfit an ATV with a boombox, and spread tidings of good cheer for all your neighbors to hear. Bonus points if you share videos with us on social media

Snow Art

If you've got a small, friendly community, get permission to draw ATV snow photos. Maybe you'll make a half-mile tall Christmas tree, or write Happy Holidays for aerial viewing. This will require more planning, but if you can get a group together, and someone has a drone for aerial shots, we want to see your creations! Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

Gather Round the Bonfire

If the weather is tolerable and you can get one started, a bonfire with hot cocoa and toasted marshmallows is a great way to bring people together. You can do this at any point, but we recommend it as a way to dispose of the Christmas tree you chopped down at the beginning of the season. Make sure you have permission from local authorities and use caution around fire at all times. 

Tis the season for giving; give the gift of connecting people to each other and the warm fuzzies of sharing in fun outdoor activities. Winter all too easily gives way to cabin fever; stave it off with some fun and festival cheer. 

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