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Convert Your ATV Into a Snow Plow

With winter around the corner, you're likely prepping your snow clearing machines. Did you know your ATV can help with that? A few simple modifications can make the difference between shoveling or pushing a snow blower, and riding your way through the drifts.


ATV snow plow systems consist of a plow blade, a mount, push tubes or rapid mount kits to attach to the mounting bracket, and a lift system.


straight blade atv snow plow attachment

Plow blades come in black or yellow, straight or V blade, standard height or county, and range from 42 to 72 inches. Size is determined by the area to be cleared and the size of your machine.


For example, a 72-inch blade on a 500cc (or smaller) would overwhelm a vehicle intended for clearing sidewalks, which are generally between 4 and 5 feet in width. Use a smaller blade for this. Bigger blades are more suitable for larger areas and machines with a 600 cc rating or higher. 

Mounting Systems

moose push tube for atv

quick connect plow mount

Mounting systems offer two types: push tubes or rapid mounts. The push tube connects to a bracket on the underside of the machines via pin locks. Rapid mount systems allow the quad to drive into the 

locking mechanism attached to the blade; these are not available for all makes and models.  

Lift Systems

The most common lift system is the winch due to its versatility in use. A second option is an electric actuator. Made strictly for use with the plow system, it attaches to the push tube assembly. A third option is a manual lift. For this type, the driver operates a bar that reaches from the steering area to the underside of the machine, attaching to a pulley on the front of the quad, which allows for manual lift and lowering. 

Use It

Best for: Alleys, wide sidewalks, larger paths, smaller driveways, etc. Know the local restrictions! Some places do not allow ATV snow removal within city limits unless working for the city.

We hope you have an enjoyable snow season with your new tool! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-681-8326 or send us an email

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