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5 Most Outrageous Motorcycle Helmets

Bikers can adorn themselves with many outrageous things, but helmets take the top. Here are the leading head turners trending on Pinterest.

1. A Spiked and Sparkling Sample

Deryck Todd helmet

Deryck Todd’s Highway to Hellmet ($2,995) is a stunner with jewels, semi-precious stones, some mean-looking spikes, and a rugged chain that will frame your face. 

2. Star Wars Meets Road Races

Darth Vader Helmet

This Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader motorcycle helmet ($898.99) pleases die-hard fans. It’s a limited edition fiberglass, leather-lined helmet that apparently pre-sold out all 250 items online.

3. Hell Raising!

skull helmet

Bikers are known for sporting images of menacing-looking skulls on their jackets, bikes and tattoos. So it is only natural that Rider’s DNA came up with helmets mirroring that obsession. This ghost rider-inspired skull helmet ($199) is airbrushed to look frighteningly real. The mouth opens, too, so it looks like the skull is regurgitating your face.

4. One Cracking Piece of a Helmet

walnut helmet

It looks as if the designers of this helmet had a message for some reckless bikers, but it was actually created by Igor Mitin, a designer at marketing agency. They take any design you like and slap it onto a helmet. This is just one example.

5. Adapted for Earthlings

predator 3 helmet

You'll look like you just stepped out of the sci-fi movie “Predator” with this one. This model, the Dredator 3 ($780), is an upgrade from the previous Predator 2 helmet. 3 superbright LEDs boost visibility, and the helmet can be customized with graphics and spearheaded dreadlocks.

Safety First

Wearing a motorcycle helmet doesn’t have to be “uncool.” With all of the crazy ways you can customize a helmet, you can find one that really fits your personality. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) states that wearing helmets reduces the chances of fatalities in motorcycle accidents by about 40 percent. Keep in mind that this is only true if your helmet is DOT-approved.

The DOT has a list of specifications for helmet manufacturers. DOT-approved helmets must be manufactured according to these stringent guidelines to ensure maximum rider safety. Most novelty helmets fall short of these specifications, though, so do your homework before purchasing.

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