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Holiday Guide: Street Moto Gifts

Joy to the world it’s vroom vroom time. Okay, so maybe that’s not quite how that Christmas carol goes, but at Midwest Traction, we like to make things our own. It’s time for Part 2 of the Holiday Gift Guide for Gearheads series, and we’re focusing on motorcycle lovers of the street variety.

First Things First

We’re the realest (Iggy Azalea anyone?). Second (but also still first), your bike won’t roll without tires, and we have the widest selection in stock to fit your needs.

Here are our top recommendations for a few motorcycle categories: 





Cover It Up

If you have to store your bike outside, you’re going to want to keep it covered, especially in the cooler months of the year. Or maybe you’re keeping it in a work shed or barn and you want to keep the paint pristine and the parts protected. Speedway shelters provide full coverage. Flooring can be found on our site as a shelter component should you want to keep those tires squeaky clean, protected, and dry. 

Pack It Up

Taking a trip? Riding to work but it’s a bit wet outside? Add a Chase Harper tank bag to your collection to get everything from A to B.


It’s winter. It’s a good time to fix things up, tune up the bike, or do a complete overhaul. If you’re into DIY, this next section is for you.

Honk Honk

Needing a new alert system? We stock several Wolo horn varieties so you can make sure your friends and fellow drivers can hear you coming.

Can’t See?

Maybe it’s time for some new head beams. Adjure offers a variety of premium lighting styles and cuts to illuminate your way.

Gimme a Brake

On the subject of lights, your brake lights are important, too, and GearBrake alerts drivers when you’re slowing down too, not just until you’re braking. Plug and play design that features a pulsing 2-second flash when slowing before a solid bright light. Make yourself visible and safe.

Run Clean

Quality air is crucial for keeping your bike functioning at optimum levels, and winter is a good time to tune up that bike. S&S makes a variety of air cleaner kits for different fitments. Clean engine = faster bike.  

Ride in Comfort

Looking to make your bike more comfortable for you or your passengers? Butty Buddy makes padded seats to boost comfort, and Mustang has several seat designs for solo, one-piece, two-piece and passenger applications in a variety of styles.

Go Go Juice

For fuel transfers and all things motorcycle batteries, Tera Pump and Deltran have you covered. 

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