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Holiday Gift Guide: Valentine's

Are you looking for a gift for your sweetie? Or maybe you’re your own sweetie this year. #Independent. We’ve got some things for you!

With spring right around the corner, that may mean lawn care and golfing aren’t far off. If you live in the Northern Midwest or on the East Coast, it may mean you’re not quite sure what kind of weather to expect. If you live somewhere rural, there’s probably planting prep to do. No sweat. We’ve got a little bit of everything so you can gift your loved one (or yourself) in just a few clicks.

Tire Chains

Chain season may not be quite over yet, depending on where home is. Our site-wide, end of the season sale continues until March 31st, 2018. The prices have been updated to reflect the discounts. Now is the time to get your chains before time gets away and you find yourself without next winter. Pairs well with: insulated gloves.

Lawn and Garden

It’s not sexy, but riding mowers, lawn tractors, and wheelbarrows all need tires replaced from time to time. They probably won’t bring the “wow” factor, but they’ll be much appreciated when it’s time for yard work and chores. Pairs well with: a freshly cut grass scented candle.

Golf Cart

Fore-get about golf balls - that’s a gift for Father’s Day anyway (but Dad Jokes are for always. FORE! Bet ya didn’t see that coming). If you haven’t heard, Pimp My Ride isn’t just for cars. People deck out their golf carts, too, and the perfect compliment for a new lift kit are beefed up tires. We’ve got a variety in stock. Pairs well with: re-run episodes of MTV’s Pimp My Ride just for laughs.


Farmers work hard all year, and while winter may mean things slow down a bit, spring brings hard work. Preparing for planting season is no small feat, and tires are an often forgotten, crucial component involved in successful pre-season planning. You’ll want something with good grip that floats, so you don’t find yourself sunk in the middle of the field. While you’re at it, if you use an ATV for smaller farm chores, we have tires and several parts and accessories in our warehouse that may come in handy for the potentially muddy season. Pairs well with: a mat for muddy boots.

Trailer Tires

Transporting livestock or hauling hay from one location to another means taking those tough trailer tires out under heavy loads. Make sure you give them a quick inspection before trailer season hits. Nothing worse than blowing a tire while you’ve got whinnying cargo inside. Pairs well with: country music and driving with the windows down.


Tune up the bike and get ready for spring rides! Seasonal states can predictably expect spring temps to be a bit all over the place, and you won’t want to miss perfect riding weather because you procrastinated. Now is the time to finish your tune ups and swap out those tires so you’re ready to roll for the best season of the year: summer. Pairs well with: rock and roll jams and dark sunglasses.

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