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Product Spotlight: Rockstar Motocross Pants

Guest blogger James Parker walks us through the importance of motocross pants and why certain styles are better in some situations than others. 

I finally got to ride my dirt bike this past weekend! I was so excited after suffering through a long, cold winter. Colorado saw one of the harshest winters this season, but I suffered a broken ankle in January that left me couch-ridden. It took a toll on my waistline; I pulled my old motocross pants out of the gear bag, and they no longer fit! I plan to get in shape, but in the meantime, I found some MSR Rockstar Motocross Pants that I’d like to buy.

MSR Rockstar OTB Pant

MSR Rockstar Over the Boot Pants


I prefer over-the-boot (OTB) style. The Rockstar pants have a variation plus removable zip-off bottoms making boot removal a breeze. Additionally, they enable you to wear shorts around camp when off the bike, which is great for hotter climates. The pants offer storage in the way of cargo pockets, perfect for keys, phone, wallet, etc.  

They are available in Red/Black, White/Black and Tuck-In styles, which can be useful for farm work. 

MSR Rockstar Pants

MSR Rockstar Tuck-In Pants


  • Racket Waist for adjustable
  • Abrasion-resilient ballistic fabric.
  • Burn-Resistant leather inner knee to prevent melting from hot exhaust pipe contact


While I’d like to fit into my old pants again one day, after over ten years of use, new pants may be a necessity. MSR Rockstars appear to be the pant for me, especially the over-the-boot version with the zip off legs and cargo pockets. I would be able to cool off during breaks and carry essential items on the trail. What are your favorite dirt bike pants? Share in the comments below! 

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