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How to Choose the Right Trailer Tire

When deciding what type of tire will work best for your vehicle or trailer, it is important to know the difference between type and purpose. If you need boat trailer tires, there are two basic options: radial and bias. Being clear about the weight of your load and how far/fast you intend to haul your trailer is vital for choosing the right kind.


If you plan to travel great distances, or like to move fast, radial tires are your best bet. Their construction makes them more resistant to heat buildup, have longer tread wear, and they handle better on the road.  


Bias tires are stiffer, creating a rougher, bumpier ride. They are not meant to be driven at high-speeds or carry heavy loads as they are susceptible to heat buildup. However, they're easier to repair and acceptable for trailers that are only taken on short trips.

Examine how you intend to use your tires, and choose accordingly. Need help? Give us a call! 1-855-681-8326

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