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Advantages of an Electric ATV

Considering going electric? ATVs come in both gasoline-powered and electric-powered options. The electric model will be lighter, utilizing rechargable batteries that will require the machine be plugged into an electrical outlet when not in use. Here are the benefits to electric over gas. 

Noise Level

Gas-powered ATVs are not known for stealth. Electric offer a quieter ride, which make them suitable for hunting and urban areas. 

Environmental Boost

Not all ATV emissions are subject to the same regulations as those for cars, which can potentially lead to more air pollution from your favorite four-wheeled multi-purpose vehicle. If environmental consciousness is important to you, an electric ATV is a good alternative. Bonus? Electric requires less maintenance than a gas-powered vehicle. Double bonus? You'll save money on gas and oil expenses. 

Cost Effective

While the upfront cost is larger for an electric model, long-term shows that it pays for itself. Fluctuating fuel prices make it difficult to determine how much precisely, but you won't be spending on gas and oil over the course of its lifetime. 

Vroom, Vroom

Early versions of electric ATVs weren't known for their power. But over time, a little R&D from ATV manufacturers has yielded engines with a bigger boost. Many current models have engines that rival their gas-guzzling counterparts. Combine increased torque with a lighter vehicle and you get more zoom for your dollar.

While electric may have a ways to go before it dominates the ATV world, it's now a suitable alternative to its gas-powered alternative. Consider electric. It pays for itself in more ways than one. 

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