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Trailer Tires & Dry Rot :A Dangerous Combination

dry rot

If you see cracks on the circumference and surface of your trailer tires, beware! This indicates dry rot, which makes tires more susceptible to leaks and tread separation.

Tire Material

Trailer tires are typically made from nylon, and due to the nature of trailer use, they often sit for prolonged periods. This creates flat spots that are high-risk for separation, which allows water to seep in. 

Sunlight and Temperature

Ultraviolet light from the sun contributes to cracking. UV light-resistant tire covers protect your tires from the damaging rays of the sun and high temperatures, extending their life. Though not often thought about, tires are vulnerable to the changes in seasons and temperature. 


Maintain a watchful eye on your tire conditions, especially when you're using them to haul loads from place to place. By taking precautions and investing in protective measures, you can extend the life of your tires while decreasing your risk. Be smart, be safe. 

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