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Pressure Monitoring Systems for Trailer Tires

Safety is a top concern when towing a trailer, but when the cargo is live, ensuring safe arrival is paramount.

Tire Problems

The leading cause of horse trailer breakdowns are flat tires. Under inflated tires are the primary cause of blowouts. As friction increases between the tire and road, heat builds up. This warms the rubber, creating weakness in the treads, and pop! goes the tire. How can you prevent a blowout?


Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) constantly monitor pressure via sensors located on the valve stem of your trailer tires. A display (plugs into your cigarette lighter) links to a sensor placed on the valve cap stem. When pressure is low, the system alerts the driver. This is especially helpful:

  • when an inside tire is flat but appears normally inflated due to the outside tires picking up the slack
  • when heat may exacerbate a tire condition

Consider a TPMS when transporting valuable cargo. It will save you money over the long-term while minimizing accident risk. 

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