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Riding Your ATV Like a Pro

When you see experienced ATV riders on the trail or track, they make things look very easy, but these skills were not learned in a day. Recreational riders gain expertise by riding in the mud, on hills and performing jumps. However, a pro conquers every type of terrain and maneuver. Mastering the right techniques and knowing when to implement them sets the novice apart from the expert. Here are a few tips to get you started: 

Mix It Up

Rather than sticking to a standard trail, try different tracks and terrain. Partake in different racing styles. Some of the jumps in a stadium track help a great deal on the trail as well. Challenge yourself by increasing your speed. Practicing on difficult terrain sharpens your skills, giving you an edge in a race.

Prepare Your ATV for the Ride

Most ATVs are designed for fun, but at faster speeds, modifications are crucial. Special tires and suspension adjustment are two important alterations needed to outrace competitors. 

Find a Practice Partner

When you want to improve, you need a partner better than you to hone your skill. More experienced riders will notice your mistakes, correcting as you go.

Improve Your Mechanical Skills or Find a Competent Mechanic

If you are racing, your ATV will need regular adjustment. Readying your vehicle for a race is a challenging task requiring mechanical knowledge. If you are inclined to learn, it's not an impossible task. If not, find a mechanic with the knowledge and skill to properly care for your vehicle. 

As always, be safe, and enjoy your race! 

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