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ATV Club Perks

ATV riding has one overarching rule: Never go alone. But what if you're new to the area, and you don't have a riding buddy? We recommend joining an ATV club. Why? 


ATV clubs create a network of people passionate about riding and preserving their ability to do so. Connecting with like-minded individuals over a common interest is a quick and easy way to make friends that you're sure to see on a regular basis. 


Many clubs have connections with local businesses. Larger organizations have a broader reach meaning more perks. Things like discounts on products, events, parks, etc. Some clubs offer insurance packages, provide trail wardens for safety and maintenance, ensure signage is up-to-date and in good condition, and provide exclusive invites to events and rides. 


Clubs know the land in and out, and they'll be able to provide the most recent, accurate laws regarding ATV use. Many provide tips and how-to articles for keeping your ATV ride-ready. 

Safety and Preservation

ATV organizations have power in numbers to influence local lawmakers. They typically have a working relationship with municipalities and landowners that benefits both parties. Trails are better maintained. They provide riders with access to training. And they ensure that the land is treated respectfully; ATV riders can get a bad rep for destroying land; clubs seek to override this view by following and regulating land use. 

Joining a club is an easy, fun way to make friends, learn more about your ATV, and become part of a community. Have a club that you love? Tell us about it on social media! 
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