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ATV Safety Gear

Whether you're brand new to the ATV world, or you're a seasoned rider, it never hurts to brush up on your safety knowledge. Responsible riders wear proper gear, and Midwest Traction supports responsible riding. Here are a few pieces of safety equipment we highly recommend you utilize. 


The most basic and most important of safety pieces. If nothing else, always wear this. Helmets protect in event of accident, pile up, flying debris, branches, other forms of contact with the elements, or if you were to be thrown from the vehicle. Though not legally required in all states, helmets are highly encouraged. 


These will protect from windburn, debris, branches and bushes, prevent calluses and keep your hands warm. Gloves reduce the vibration from the handlebars, and comfort can boost safety. If you're fidgeting because your hands hurt, you're not focusing on maintaining control of the vehicle. 


Foot grip is crucial to your balance and control. Good riding boots will absorb shock, protect from heat, and secure your foothold on the machine. 


We can't overstate how important these are, especially when your helmet doesn't have a face shield. While riding, your vision is paramount. Flying debris, bugs, or even excessive winds can impair your vision, putting you and those you encounter at unnecessary risk. Be mindful that a lot of the debris will come from your very own tires throwing terrain around. 

Body Protection

Chest protectors can protect your chest from serious damage should your ATV flip. Broken ribs and punctured lungs are no picnic for anyone. Long pants and long sleeves are highly recommended, as well. Scratches from trees, bushes, and other flora and fauna are common. Keep yourself cut free. Body armor may seem silly in the warmer months, but the protection is wroth it. No one wants to drive around with glorified paper cuts on their arms and legs because they didn't suit up. 

Be safe, observe and obey local law, and enjoy your ride. We want to keep you rolling. 

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