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Fit Your New Camper to Your Lifestyle

Campers are like snowflakes: no two are the same. Well, maybe that's pushing an analogy a bit, but it is true that consumers have a wealth of camper options to choose from.

Purchasing a camper or RV is an investment, and like purchasing a house or a car, it's worth knowing its ultimate purpose beforehand. Is the camper going to be used solely for short summer trips, or for a long, multi-month road trip?

Equipped with new camper trailer tires, families can hit the beach or lake, opening a whole new world of adventure and fun. Will you need a full-size RV or would a small pull-behind camper be enough? If you don’t plan to spend much time inside, you may not need a full-size RV.

For families looking to use a camper for vacations,run the numbers. Let's say you normally take a few weeks off a year for vacation. The costs associated with hotels and meals can easily be offset by an RV or camper. But for long, multi-state drives, you will be looking at high gas prices. And don’t forget that you will be paying insurance on the vehicle year ’round.

Determine your needs, buy your camper, and visit us for the best tires! 

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