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Choose a Better ATV Handlebar

ATV handlebars have varying widths, heights, and sweeps. Utility ATVs usually have taller bars that are swept back, which provides more control with less exertion. Sports ATVs have lower and straighter bars, making it easy for the rider to move from side-to-side on the saddle. Trail ATVs fall in between, which provides better control to the rider while standing or sitting. Choose a bar that provides optimal control and comfort for you.

How to Choose

According to experts, consider the extension of your outside arm and the mobility required for your inside arm. During sharp turns, your outside arm should not fully extend; this reduces control and increases muscular fatigue. While turning in full-lock, your inside arm should be relaxed and free. Take note of your arm position while turning; this indicates which time of handlebar you should choose for your machine.

Comfortable Long-Distance Riding

If you like to ride fast on your ATV, avoid tall handlebars. This creates extra strain on the upper back and shoulders. Avoid going too low, as this strains the lower back. Find a handlebar that sits at a slightly downward angle while maintaining an upright position of your body. Once you've chosen, check that the steering stern and new bar are in alignment. This greatly affects balance and maneuverability. 


New handlebars shouldn't be too far forward, as this throws balance and overextends the outside arm. If they're too far back, it creates cramping, which is dangerous as your body will get in your way on the turn, causing crashes. Ensure all levers are properly aligned with your arms while in the saddle. If you have to struggle to reach, or can't remember where they are, consider re-positioning. 

As always, be safe, and enjoy your ride. 

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