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ATV Winter Storage Tips: Tires & Fluids

In addition to battery concerns, extended storage of ATVs may cause tire and fluid issues, such as cracked sidewalls or corroded lines/tubing. Preventative measures include:  

  • Change oil and filters. This is important for engine performance and durability. Oil contains corrosive substances that can damage critical engine parts over time. Moreover, you do not want dirt and grime to settle over the winter as that can require a more thorough (and expensive) cleaning come spring
  • Clean the air filter and air filter box
  • Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel reservoir and top off with gas. If your quad has a carburetor, shut off the fuel valve and run the ATV for a few minutes to allow the stabilizer to circulate through the carburetor. This will draw any fuel out of the float bowl 
  • Pressurize tires to the recommended psi. Under-inflated tires may develop creases and cracks in the sidewalls or permanent deformation and flat spots that will require new ATV tires. Check periodically throughout the storage period to ensure psi is maintained
  • Grease and lubricate joints, belts, and chains per the owner’s manual.

Following these tips should allow less work in the spring so you can get out and hit the trails sooner. Be safe, and enjoy your ride! 

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