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ATV Adventure Has Gone to the Dogs

Dogs are great; they're loyal, affectionate, loving, protective and accepting. Their happiness is unbridled. They hunt, fetch, perform tricks, herd livestock. They're great companions, and you don't want to leave them behind. Here are our travel tips for Man's Best Friend. 

Travel with Rover

Many people love taking their dogs on vacation. It's a big commitment. You'll need travel carriers, special food and water bowls that won't spill, housing costs, stopping for bathroom breaks and places for them to wait while you're in non-dog friendly establishments. It's a bit easier if you stick to the outdoors. Not only is this good for humans, it's good for our furry friends, too. Outdoor excursions allow them to run free, explore, and romp. Watching your dog in his natural state will make you happier than you probably anticipate.

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