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The Global ATV Tire Industry

As with any product, manufacturers develop in multiple places around the globe. Some countries or regions develop a reputation for making better, cheaper or more reliable products than others; but chances are, if someone is manufacturing something in New York, it is also being made in London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Egypt.  This is the nature of commerce.  The same phenomenon is true of ATV tires.

Particular brands of ATV tires have become popular in particular parts of the world, but the companies that manufacture those brands were often founded far away from their primary customer base.

Goodyear, the manufacturer of Goodyear ATV tires, was founded in the U.S. in 1898.  Their tires have become famous around the world, and some are even found on space rovers for the NASA Mars exploration program.  Maxxis, the manufacturer of Maxxis ATV tires, was founded nearly a century later, in 1967, in Taiwan.  Their tires are now popular in over 170 countries.  Dunlop, the manufacturer of Dunlop ATV tires, was founded in Belfast, Ireland in 1888, and is synonymous with racing excellence.  These three companies, operating on different continents, and formed at different times, have grown to be three of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

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