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Flexzilla Products

“If it’s not ZillaGreen, it’s not Flexzilla.”

With a glow-in-the-dark stripe and it’s signature neon Chartreuse color, it’s impossible to miss the brand new line now carried by Midwest Traction.

Operating under Legacy Manufacturing Company, Flexzilla was designed to combat the extremes: extreme temps, extreme use, and extreme work. As part of a reshoring project, the manufacturing plant moved to Marion, Iowa, in 2016, built on the reputation of quality that earned them loyal customers for life.

Why Flexzilla

Hate when your hoses and cords “remember” being rolled up for long periods of time? Kinks slowing your work? Can’t find where your hoses are in the dark? Need something that can withstand the high-highs and the low-lows during the ever-changing temperatures of the seasons?

Flexzilla was designed with the hard working in mind.

flexzilla products

Flexzilla Products

With air hoses, water hoses, extension cords, lubricant lines, tools, accessories, and kits, getting the job done doesn’t take long. Many tools feature ergonomic designs to ease strain from repetitive motion. Designed to resist dry rot to extend product life, hoses also have self-spooling capabilities to prevent kinks. Temperature ranges vary by product, from the negatively low Farenheits to the positively high ones.

(Note: This means the product won’t crack or lose performance, but it does not mean water hoses can be left out in the cold temperatures with water in the lines. The water inside the line will still freeze.)

Questions? What to know more? You can explore our full product offering here, or give our sales team a call at 1-855-681-8326.

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