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The Basics of ATV Tire Removal

If you are an ATV enthusiast, and regularly take your vehicle out in all kinds of weather and terrain, it is important to pay attention to the condition of your ATV tires.  The amount of air in the tires, the temperature, the number of hours you spend on your ATV, and whether you are driving on rocks, dirt, water or sand can all have a sizeable impact on the safety and longevity of your tires.  Just as it is important to know how to remove the wheels on your car, knowing how to properly take care of a damaged wheel on your ATV will ensure that you are always operating under the best circumstances.

Whether you have Titan ATV tires, ITP ATV tires, or Kenda ATV tires, the steps for ATV tire removal are the same.

  • Use a socket wrench with the appropriate socket to remove the lug nuts.
  • Remember to deflate the tire and break the seal with a bead breaker tool.
  • Use soapy water to make it easier to slide the tire off the rim.
  • Use tire irons to pull the tire away from the rim and then slide rim protectors into place to hold the tire away from the rim.
  • Use the tire iron and protector combination to pull the tire away from the rim.  Continue to spray soapy water around the rim to help with removal.  The tire should come off easily.
  • You are now ready to replace the old tire with a new one that will ensure many more safe rides.

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