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Planning Ahead for Water on an ATV Ride

While ATVs and ATV tires were originally designed to go from land to water easily, the design of what is considered an ATV has changed over the years. The amphibious ATV is now a separate entity from what has become widely recognized as the standard ATV, and its bulbous tires (like the Goodyear Rawhide III) are designed for churning along the surface of a body of water and up onto dry land.

Standard ATV tires, though, are designed for all-terrain vehicles that will be used for traveling across land. What we now consider an ATV can function appropriately in multiple weather conditions (like snow or rain), and on multiple styles of terrain (from sand to rocks and mud to grass). But driving onto a body of water on an ATV will only result in shortening your ride considerably, and water-logging your vehicle. Before you head out, be certain of the path you plan to take and the conditions you will encounter. If you think you will encounter water deep enough to reach your engine, consider installing an ATV snorkel kit.

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