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Missouri State Parks: Nearly 3,000 Acres of ATV Trails

The Missouri State Parks system consistently ranks in the top four of all the state parks in the nation. There are 85 state parks in Missouri, boasting 840 miles of trails. Two of these trails, with a combined almost 3,000 acres, is ATV-friendly.

St. Joe's State Park in southern Missouri is one of these parks, where you will encounter over 2,000 acres of amazing trails to take your ATV and go off-roading. Getting off the beaten track in St. Joe's State Park means you are going to encounter wooded hills, sand flats, whoops and a drag strip; all while viewing the area's scenic beauty. Most of the trails will have you passing by beautiful lakes and wildlife is often spotted here. The rest of St. Joe’s additional 6,000 acres is devoted to campgrounds, pedestrian and horse trails, picnic areas and lake activities.

With about 800 acres of sand flats and trails running through the woods, your ATV needs to be equipped with excellent sand tires. Duro ATV Tires work really well, especially the HF-243 Mud & Sand. If you go ATVing here, make sure you have a helmet and a flag for your ATV – these things are required to use the trails.

Finger Lakes State Park, the smaller of the two ATV-friendly parks, includes a professionally-designed motocross track and more challenging terrain than St. Joe’s. There are also a mountain bike trail, campground an, other family-friendly activities.

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