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Minnesota's ATV Safety Course for Kids

Many states now require that children take a mandatory ATV safety course before operating an ATV. Today we€'d like to take a closer look at Minnesota€'s ATV safety class, which is generally indicative of other classes across the country.

Minnesota requires that children between 11 and 15 take an ATV training course via compact disc, pass a written test and then a skills test. Prior to the test, children receive a CD €“essentially an ATV safety textbook," which includes basic safety topics, pre-ride preparations, and state-specific laws. At the end of each chapter is a short quiz.

The ATV Training Safety Class is next, where participants must score at least an 80 percent on a 50-question exam to pass. Participants who pass the written test next take a road exam, which tests their ability to handle tight turns and hills.

They must also pass a pre-ride safety check of their ATV tires.

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