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Go On A Safari With Your ATV

One of the benefits of having a four-wheeler is being able to bump your ATV tires along just about any trail and easily explore mountains, deserts, forests, swamps, glades, dells, sloughs, quagmires, sedges, and dingles. Yeah, I said dingles. At any rate, the point is that your quad can turn you into a modern-day Daniel Boone, allowing you discover this cool place called nature –  a cornucopia of beauty and wonder. Consider your next ride a safari of sorts and take time to notice the sights and sounds around you.

Take the Right Supplies for Your Expedition

Just like any great safari-ist, you'll want to go prepared. You never know when the split-second opportunity will arise to snap a photograph of hundreds of gazelles fleeing the jagged fangs jutting from the mouth of a bloodthirsty leopard. Or, maybe, you'll have to settle for a caterpillar munching on a leaf. No matter what strikes your fancy, plan ahead and be ready for it.

Items to Take on Your ATV Safari

  • Camera  – Never leave home without one and be sure to take fresh batteries.
  • Binoculars  – Another must-have item.   Many animals will not let you get too close.
  • Insect Repellent  –You'll be doing a lot of stopping and sitting.
  • Sketch Book  – Jot down notes or draw an inspiring scene.
  • Pith Helmet  – It provides sun protection and gives you a reason to say €pith. €
  • Sense of Wonder  – The more you explore and open your mind, the more you'll see.
  • Bird/Wildlife Guide  – To identify which is the gazelle and which is the leopard.

Don't forget all the other necessities that you should take on any off-highway trip. Things like a map, first aid kit, and tools are absolute essentials. Make sure to include a patch kit and compressor just in case your quad tires need some fixin along the trail.

Look for Nature's Wonders Along the ATV Trail

Ok, all kidding aside, there really are great things to see if you look. The most obvious are animals; the wildlife that inhabits every region of the planet. Even different sections of the United States offer many different wildlife viewing opportunities. You can scout out hogs in Texas, bears in Alaska, owls in Maine, foxes in Iowa, and gators in Louisiana. Don't forget to look skyward to catch glimpse of eagles or hawks circling as they hunt for their dinner.

Before you splash your ATV sport tires through a streamlet, stop your machine, look, listen. Spend a few minutes to see what shows up to have a drink. Be patient. Eat your lunch. Take the hurry out of the day. This makes the trip a lot more fulfilling for me, so go ahead and give it a try.

My Favorite Experiences on ATV Safari

It took me a while to learn to slow down and enjoy more than just the rumble or rocks as they spun beneath gyrating of my ATV wheels. Once I did, my eyes were opened. I've seen bears, moose, elk, rarattlesnakesnd bison. However, my favorite animals to bump into as I explore new territory are wild turkeys. Don't ask me why, I really can't say. They just seem cool. Funny thing is that I don't have a single picture of them.

Riding ATVs is a lot of fun. The thrust of power as you accelerate up a steep hill or the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you speed down the other side are thrills that just can't be beat. However, there are many simple, easily missed pleasures you can have when riding.

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