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Enduro Races vs. Rally Races

Enduro races and rallies are two of the most popular types of races for both ATV riders and motorcyclists. Though people unfamiliar with motocross often confuse the two, they are actually very different races and utilize slightly different skill sets. A rally is a race in which competitors follow a prescribed course and race to see who can go from start to finish in the least amount of time. This can mean that they race multiple laps, or that they race a certain number of kilometers. Some rallies also occur across large distances, can go on for multiple days, and require the competitors to traverse multiple types of terrain.

Rally Race

An enduro race also takes place over a great distance and will always require the racers to negotiate various terrain styles, rivers, gulches, etc. They may even have to walk their ATV for a portion of the race, as opposed to riding it. An enduro race uses a series of checkpoints, some of which are known, and some of which are not, to time each competitor. A racer must arrive at each checkpoint within their prescribed window of time in order to remain competitive. Both Enduro and rally races require special equipment, including the right kind of ATV tires and specialized safety gear. There are Enduro and rally races held around the world each year, and every season they become more and more popular.

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