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Choosing the right ATV storage accessories

Finding lightweight, durable, space-saving ways to carry supplies on your ATV can sometimes be frustrating. There are a ridiculous number of options, brands, and price ranges. Some products have highly specific uses, while others are multi-purpose. If you are feeling uncertain as to the direction to go with your ATV storage, it may help to narrow down what it is you are attempting to carry or store, and then choose accordingly.

ATV bags are lightweight, generally easy to put on an ATV and take off, and if purchased with waterproof material, are usually quite durable. They should not be used if you are planning to carry anything fragile, as they are soft-sided, but this is not usually a concern. Some designs are quite simple, while others come with multiple pockets or compartments. ATV boxes are far more durable but are often considerably more difficult to take on and off your ATV. If you intend to park your ATV tires somewhere, and you have the option of leaving the cargo attached, then an ATV box will work for you. ATV racks are a third option and are useful for carrying tools or items that you do not mind being exposed to the elements.

In short, choosing the right storage option is not that difficult. Look at the items you intend to carry, where you plan to attach your storage device, and how long you need it to last. If you are clear about these things, you will most definitely make an appropriate storage choice.

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