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Australia Mandates All Farmers Undergo ATV Safety Training

A common theme on this blog is the importance of ATV safety. Citizens of the U.S. commonly look to the states to set ATV safety rules, rather than implementing one set of laws for the entire country. It appears, however, that other countries may not agree with that approach.

The widespread popularity of ATVs is clearly not isolated to the United States; the allure of quads has gone global. Today we're going to look at how Australia addresses ATV safety. 

On June 22nd, the Australia’s Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities, the agency that essentially oversees the safety of public workers, mandated that all Australian farmers undergo mandatory safety training and wear helmets, even when riding on their own property.

It's a very ambitious, and some would argue too intrusive, measure that also requires sellers to provide greater safety information to dealers. The agency has yet to legislate mandatory safety checks for ATV tires, but that may be part of the information that sellers are required to pass along.

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