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2018 New Honda Goldwing Model

Goldwing riders are loyal to their bike. They like Goldwings, and they're passionate about their performance, design, and features. 

Honda's much anticipated 2018 Goldwing is finally out in the public eye, and the response is not quite what we expected. 

Internet Whispers

Upon viewing several forums, Goldwing enthusiasts appear to carry skepticism and dismay at the alterations to the latest model. Some of the main gripes revolve around the decision to make the bike lighter, as this choice came at the cost of fuel and storage space. 

2018 Honda Goldwing Specifications sheet 
Forum responses can be found by clicking on the image.

The dual-clutch transmission and double wishbone front suspension were listed as two of the most exciting features for the new Honda model, but many think this new design lacks clarity. Is it a sport bike? A touring bike? Something else entirely? The forum consensus is confusion.

Public Forum Response

One user comments that it seems like Honda is trying to be too many things with one bike; another says the model goes against everything Goldwing's are known for: comfortable and big with lots of storage.  

Many suggest they will not be purchasing, others threaten to pull their deposits, and some simply comment, stating that they're not in the market for a new bike, but were disappointed to see the difference in delivery versus hype.

Honda Goldwing Survey

We know what the forums think, and we're interested to see how this shakes out for Honda's sales. What are your thoughts on the new 2018 Honda Goldwing? Tell us in the comments below! 

Want More?

In-depth discussions on the specifications and opinions from the Goldwing forum can be found here.

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