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CST Offroad Motorcycle

CST’s off-road tires break through and conquer the roughest terrains.  If you are a get on the track and run it hard the CST Legion MX-VI offers long, varied tread pitches that will allow you to hook up on a variety of track conditions.  The Surge S is for soft terrain motocross and cross country riding.  If you get your thrills running trials or serious cross country, the Legion Trials ultra-soft compound and dynamic tread pattern will give you the grip to conquer the dirt, rocks, roots and gravel.

If you like playing in the sand, the Surge P offers eight paddles and a round profile that floats through the sand.  Reduced weight and cooler running temps will give you a one up on the competition. 

Give our experts a call at 1-855-681-8326 and lets us get you the CST tire for your off road adventure.