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Trailer Transport

'Tis the season for travel, county fairs, and trailer towing. Make sure you've taken care of everything from the tires to the cargo with our list below. 

Avoid Flats

Tires are crucial to a successful trailer towing adventure. Before leaving, check your inflation. Tires should be inflated to the recommended PSI. Overinflation increases wear unevenly, which can lead to steering and safety issues later on. Underinflation contributes to heat build-up. As heat increases around your tire, it weakens the rubber and can lead to blowouts, an incredibly dangerous problem when hauling heavy cargo at high speeds.

It’s wise to invest in TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems). This technology places sensors in the valve stems that connect to your vehicle’s display (sometimes through the cigarette lighter port). Do not wait until you can see your tire losing air pressure. Sometimes the outer part of the tire disguises a flat inner tire. Additionally, heat may also exaggerate conditions you aren’t yet aware of, so a TPMS can alert you to problems before they become extreme. All in all, a TPMS is an investment that can save you thousands of dollars in the event of tire failure.

If you're looking for good trailer tire recommendations, read through our Guide to Trailer Tires article

Fair Season

Warm weather brings county fairs, which mean 4-H projects and fun activities. If you’ll be transporting horses, it’s a good idea to do a few things:

Prep the Trailer

  • Thoroughly clean it out, sweep, and wash it down
  • Examine for wear, rust, holes, and any frame damage
  • Check lights and signals
  • Ensure good ventilation and a bucket holder for hydration
  • Check tires for dry rot
  • Pack two spares in case of emergency

Ready the Horse

Practice loading and unloading, even if you’ve transported your horse before. Fair season is a busy time, and the last stressor you need is a horse who won’t get into or out of the trailer. Practice until both of you are comfortable with the process, and if the horse must ride with any adornments, practice with those on, too.

Add padding if you’ll be traveling rough roads, and make sure your route allows for multiple hydration stops if you’re going a long way.


If you’re hauling vehicles for a trip, utilize ratchet straps to secure your vehicle to your trailer. Some people like to make a base frame out of 2x4 or 2x6's and wrap the straps around those for additional security. 

  • Make sure you pack the necessary accessories for your vehicle. Check their tires before leaving.
  • Required registration and licensing
  • Know where the area authorities/rescue stations are should you need help
  • If cell service is a non-option, pack walkie-talkies
  • Pack 2 spares for your trailer in the event of a blowout

Invasive Species 

ATVS/Motorcycles: When riding from one area to another, be considerate of pollen, seedlings, etc that can be invasive. Wash your tires when possible to preserve nature.

Boats: Some freshwater mussels can be invasive to rivers and small lakes. Give your boat a good cleaning before hauling to a new location.

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