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Spring, Mud, and ATV Mudding

Spring is in the air, bringing flowers, birds, bees…and mud! For the house cleaner, mud can be the ultimate enemy. But for the avid ATV rider, mud makes the ultimate ride. Who doesn’t love mudding? Before strapping on those helmets and racing gloves, let's discuss a few simple techniques to make the most of the sport.


It is important to have the right type of ATV tires. Keep in mind the more aggressively you ride, the less versatile your vehicle will become. Why? Terrain-specific tires excel in their designated turf, but struggle with other types of terrain. There are many great tires out there; before you invest in terrain-specific varieties, determine the primary use for your vehicle.

If you are looking for a set of tires to perform well in deep mud, the Kenda Bear Claw is a good choice. If you prefer a smooth ride on the trails with the ability to power through sloppy areas, try the Maxxis Mud Bug or ITP Mudlite ATV tires.

photo by Robert Thigpen, Flickr

Air Pressure

In order to spread the weight of your ATV for better traction, deflate your tires a bit. In the event you get stuck, you can air down to as low as 9 lbs, but be sure to re-inflate immediately after unsticking to avoid bending your rims. 


Drive at a steady pace. Does this mean you can’t drive fast? No. Maintain a speed that allows traction in heavy mud areas to avoid spinning your tires. Getting stuck in a rut is a sure way to ruin a good mudding session. The key is steady speed. If you want to go fast, hold constant. 

Experiment by testing the limits of your vehicle. You’ve invested the money in a good vehicle and gear, so make them work for you. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the most important thing to remember when mudding is HAVE FUN!

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