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Pro ATV Racing Tips

Winning at ATV racing involves quite a bit of technique; simply blundering through with your hand pinning the throttle may not get you far. Here are some tips to improve your chances of winning.

Start Strong

Getting to the front right from the start of the race considerably improves your chances of winning. Inexperienced riders might slam the throttle, ditch the clutch, and jam the gears as fast as they can, trying to get in front of the line at the start. However, for a strong start, spinning your tires at high speed is not going to cut it. You need to increase horsepower while maintaining contact with the ground. To get the proper traction-to-power ratio, consider the position of your body, the clutch, and how much throttle is needed for the riding surface.

Evaluate Surface Conditions

Traction will vary during an off-road race, and you will have to improvise as you go along. It’s hard to know what you will encounter. One technique for a faster launch is to put your ATV in second gear and rev to the halfway mark on the throttle – keeping it there just before the start. Be alert to the gate or flag drop, release the clutch, and open up the throttle. Even without a powerful ATV, this technique creates lead opportunity. 

Keep It Steady

Another important tip that most pros recommend for ATV racing is keep to a steady speed rather than charging wildly at intermittent levels. Sudden bursts of speed wastes valuable time and increases the chances crashing. Ride aggressively. but know your limitations.

Take a Trip

Try out various stadium tracks, desert racing and any other off-road terrain you find intimidating. This boosts experience which increases your ability to handle the ATV under varied conditions. 

Be safe, and enjoy your race! 

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