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ATV Drag Racing Facts

Drag racing has evolved into more than just a way to test raw horsepower. Drag races put your ability to control your ATV to the ultimate test. It's not just about lining up to see whose vehicle is the fastest; Midwest Traction has other factors to consider before delving into the word of ATV drag racing.

Categories and/or Classes

Some categories are based on ATV manufacturer, i.e. all participants are of a specific make. Some only allow 4-stroke ATVs with two separate classes: 500 cc+ and under 500 cc.

Trial Run Days

Most organizers provide trial runs at the track, giving riders an opportunity to fine tune their vehicles to the terrain. Consider changing tires, jetting, sprocket sizes and wheel setups. 

Tune for elevation. Oxygen levels largely impact engine performance. At sea level, engines run hotter. At altitude, the engine may have lesser output. Sand moisture and ground pack influence ride to a huge degree, as well. Consider all components to optimize your performance during race planning. 

Boosting via Bracket Racing

If you qualify for a handicap, consider bracket racing. Participants with different sized engines are given a fair shot at the competition by dial time. What is dial time? The best possible time you can clock if everything goes right. Practice with trial runs to estimate your time. The objective is to reach this time without going over. Participants may also be judged on start reaction time. Clocked by a staging beam (green light), this method provides insight into whether the handicap provides actual advantage. Dial time provides underdogs with a head start, but if reaction time is slow in comparison, there's no real advantage.

Speak with experts, friends, and people you know who race before embarking on your voyage into drag racing. Be safe, and enjoy your ride!  

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