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Prep For Hunting Season with the Right ATV Tires

hunting camouflage atvIn the Midwest, stepping outside in the mornings is beginning to be accompanied by a chill in the air. While this, unfortunately, means winter is just around the corner, it also signals the beginning of hunting season. This is the time of year when I start preparing my guns, dogs, and ATV.

Seeing as this is an outdoor power sports blog and not a hunting blog, our purpose today is to discuss the role of an ATV at hunting season; specifically the ATV tires.

The variety of choices in ATV tires today is nearly mind boggling. Each company tries to one-up each other with the biggest, most aggressive, baddest-looking tire you have ever seen. For some purposes, that's great! For hunting purposes, however, your hunting terrain should be the main factor in the ATV tires you choose.

What you need will depend on a number of variables. If you will be driving through a lot of brush, it may be wise to invest in some 6 or 8-ply rated ATV tires. That tougher, heavier tire carcass can make a lot of difference in reducing sidewall cuts and what I call nuisance punctures from stubble and thorns. This won't guarantee you'll never have a flat, but they should be noticeably rarer. Be aware, though, that the heavier weight of the 6 and 8-ply tires can leave your previously adequate quad woefully underpowered if your machine is on the lower end of the power spectrum.

Tread patterns run from mild to wild, but they all come with some sort of tradeoff. For instance, a great mud tire will likely wear quickly and be rough and noisy on hard surfaces. A tire that is fast, smooth and quiet on hard surfaces won't perform when you hit those rough, muddy parts. This is why it is important to look carefully at what you really want out of your ATV tire.

If you have a deer stand on the edge of some timber that is 500 feet from the road and requires little more than driving through a hayfield to get to, you won't need a very aggressive tire.

On the other hand, if you have five miles of hilly, often muddy timber to pass through with one or more creek crossings, you'll need something with a bit more bite – especially when it comes to hauling back that trophy buck. For this, you'll want a tire with a deeper, more aggressive lug and a more open, self-cleaning design. And it might be wise to invest in an ATV Winch, too, just in case you get stuck.

There are many choices and brands of ATV Tires to choose from for these and other types of terrain. Give us a call and we'd be glad to go over the options with you.

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