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ATV Road Rules

ATVs are awesome. Having the ability to travel over just about any terrain with the elements flying past is pretty cool. But in order to ride, you must follow the rules. They're simple and sticking to them makes everyone on ATVs safer and happier.

  • Stay to ATV designated roads and ride in the center
  • Cross streams within the trail designation. Slow as you approach
  • No roosting or brake sliding down inclines; use your clutch for traction when trail is slippery
  • Avoid exceptionally muddy trails, but don't go off-trail to get around them as this damages the environment. Choose a different route if known water damage exists
  • Carry waste out with you and rinse your vehicle off upon exist. Different pollens can destroy ecosystems if transported
  • Wear protective gear and be properly trained

By adhering to these basic rules, everyone is sure to have a fantastic ATV experience. Be safe, and enjoy your ride.

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