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What Causes Cracks?

After a season of off-roading, you may notice wear and damage to the sidewall of your ATV tires. Here are a few things that cause damage, and what to watch out for. 

If you have a large slice an inch or two in length on the sidewall, it's likely you hit a sharp edge, like a rock. It's not always possible to patch these, but if it's slow-leaking, attempt a patch and drive cautiously to a repair point. Maintain slow speed and keep your distance low; patched tires have increased risk for major blow-outs. 

Sidewall cracks are the result of a few things. One: ozone attack. This happens to older tires that were manufactured before ozone treatments became practice. Two: Low tire pressure. The rubber will pinch when underinflated, especially over rocky terrain. The repeated pinching motion leads to cracks in the sidewall. 

To prevent these, maintain healthy psi for your ATV tires (can be found on the sidewall). 

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