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ATV Helmets: Choose Safety!

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Many ATV injuries are head injuries. Wearing a helmet may prevent or reduce the severity of these injuries.

Not every state requires the use of ATV helmets. This does not mean it is not necessary; it means you have the choice. We are hoping you choose safety, as the helmet is one of the most effective ways of preventing a serious head injury. Head injuries can result in permanent disability or death. Taking that risk over putting a helmet on your head? We think not. 

Not only are they great at protecting your head, they reduce wind noise, prevent wind burn, and keep debris out of your face and eyes.

Make sure the helmet fits properly; it should be snug, but not tight. Try different brands as sizes and fit vary. And make sure to pick a cool design. Love your helmet? Show us on social media! 

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