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Anatomy of a Safe Biker

Riding your bike is the most freeing, exhilarating feeling. With this freedom comes responsibility, and smart riders know to review their safety precautions. 

Know Your Bike

Before you race out onto busy, high-speed roads, make sure you know how your bike handles in all conditions. A busy highway is not the place to learn. Know how to repair your bike if it breaks out, have emergency supplies, and a basic, working knowledge of common break-downs. Check your tires, too, and replace or repair as necessary. 

Observe the Law

Know what your local and state laws are regarding motorcycles. Are you required to have a helmet? What about your lights? When was the last time you looked them over to make sure all were functioning properly? Simple routine checks can prevent tickets, or worse, preventable accidents. 



When your bike checks out and you're confident that you know how to ride and what law enforcement expects of motorcyclists, the key thing is to wear ample protection. Nothing is fool proof; but more is better than none. 

These protect against cold, wind, and dampen vibration. 

This is the closest thing you'll get to body armor without actually wearing body armor on your bike. Make sure it's made of durable, highly-rated material designed for high-speed bikes. This protects against cold, wind, rain, road rash, bug splats, and abrasions from debris. 

Many bikers forego this part, but proper bike pants can save you a world of hurt if you lay the bike down. Granted, if you're flying on the bike, going down is going to hurt, regardless, but pants also protect you from hot pipes and flying debris. 

It's not just about looks; motorcycle boots better grip the pegs for control. The last thing you want is to slip off the pegs right when you need control. They'll keep your feet warm, but if you need something extra, HotHands makes Toasty Toes. 

Ride safe! Know your laws, practice, and keep rolling. 

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