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5 Must-Have ATV Accessories for Hunting Season

Don’t let those wascally wabbits get away (or whichever animal you’re hunting, really). We’ve got the top 5 must-have ATV/UTV accessories for hunting season.

Note: Most hunting places do not permit use of ATVs for chasing and hunting prey. Many do not allow you to use your ATV to haul your catch out, either. Observe local law and contact your DNR for rules and regulations in your area. The following suggestions are to help you navigate to and from your hunting site, where permitted.


You’re trying to get to your campsite, but it’s the end of the year and the trees have given up on standing tall. Downed limbs in your way? Winches can remove those. Slide into a mud pond? Winch can pull you out. Seeing a pattern here? Winch, winch, winchy winch.

A few tips:

  • Choose the correct load capacity for your vehicle
  • Always use gloves
  • Keep tree straps on hand to prevent bark damage
  • Use it for short bursts while the engine is on to avoid overheating and battery drain
  • Snatch blocks are handy tools for boosting load capacity

Best rule: Practice winching before you need it.


Hunting means gear haul. Soop up your ATV with a rack extension and add water-resistant cargo boxes or rack bags. Make sure to have a basic tool kit and a first aid kit in here. You might want to look at coolers, too. Other items that are good to have on hand? A tire repair kit, and gun racks or cases.

Lighting Spotlight

Winter is near, which means the amount of light when you trek in and haul out are limited. Outfit your four-wheeler with a high-beam and make sure you have a trustworthy mount designed to withstand the uneven terrain.

Tree Stand Carrier

Tree stands can be cumbersome contraptions. Take a little of the burden off your shoulders by hooking it up to your ATV on a tree stand carrier.

Stealth Exhaust Reduction

These claim to cut your noise by up to 50%, which isn’t a bad investment when you’re hunting skittish prey. We've seen some that boast 60%, but we want to hear your thoughts on noise reduction devices. Do you use one? What are the positive and negatives? 

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