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ATV Lingo Worldwide

When anything becomes popular globally, it is often renamed, or given a title that differs from country to country or region to region. ATVs are no different. Though the vehicles have the same ATV tires and the rules of competition are the same, how a rider or enthusiast refers to an ATV, varies wildly.

When traveling, it is helpful to be familiar with the local terms, so that you can be certain you are getting the vehicle you expect. In the US and Canada, the terms quad, ATV,€ and four wheeler are most commonly used. Head to the UK and you will want to ask for a quad cycle or quad bike. If you are in Australia, you'll want a forby,€ and in Israel, ask for a Polaris. Keep up with the local ATV lingo, and you'll be certain to have a great time driving the local trails.

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