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ATV Damage on Colorado Forest Road 318

Recently on an ATV trail ride off of Forest Road 318 and 319 in Larimer County, Colorado, we witnessed some severe trail damage. It's been a great summer full of fun riding, but as summer turns to fall, the news states some trail closures may possibly occur in some of Colorado’s national forests. After what we saw this weekend, I think trail damage is likely the cause. 

giant hole on ATV trail

The Big Pit

After winding our way through the forest, over hills, and across ravines, we stumbled upon a mud pit. When I first spotted this hole, I was shocked to see damage so far out into woods. It was probably about 5 feet deep and could swallow an ATV whole. Luckily, there was a way around, but the vision of this damage has been in my mind for the past month. A large truck could have fit inside the crater. 

greenridge trail crater

The Problem

Not only does this kind of destructive behavior cause an environmental problem, but it creates political problems. Environmental groups who seek to end public use of off-road trails look for this kind of thing to use as ammo. As an off-roader, please respect the environment. Stick to the trails, don't ride in wet conditions, and be considerate of those around you.

long crater hole

Be responsible on the trails, clean up after yourself, and as always, be safe, and enjoy your ride. 

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