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Abu Dhabi: The Dune Rider's Dream

A Foreign Adventure

If you're looking for the ATV adventure trip of a lifetime, consider thousands of square miles of virgin sand in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi offers sand dune lovers the experience of their wildest dreams. The ever-changing windswept dunes constantly offer new terrain thanks to the help of Mother Nature. Unforgettable red sands appear an hour's drive from the airport with a consistency begging for ATV tires. If you're familiar with Little Sahara in Utah, these dunes aren't nearly as steep, but their smooth surface makes riding the crests a breeze


ATVs are just a small part of the mix. Local tour companies offer complete desert safaris with a desert oasis camp, featuring a buffet dinner and Arabian belly dancers. Cities nearby offer modern amenities should that suit your needs, with beautiful beaches on the Persian Gulf that beg you to take a dip in their turquoise waters.  Looking to go? Gear up with good ATV sand tires, like the Dune Runner by Kenda for a ride you'll never forget. 

Do You Dune?

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