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A Brief History of ATVs

Honda Christens the First ATV

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) have only been a part of the collective consciousness since the 1960’s. The term originally referred to six-wheeled vehicles, like the Jiger, Amphicat and Terra Tiger; all of which were used in the water. It was abbreviated AATV (Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle) Today's ATV was not produced until the early 1970’s. Honda produced the first three-wheeled ATV with balloon-style tires to mimic those found on water-based ATVs.

Suzuki Saves the Day

Honda dominated the ATV scene throughout the 70’s, but three-wheelers proved to be unstable, and production halted in the late 1980’s. Near extinction, Suzuki began churning out four-wheelers, taking over as the most popular brand in the market. Throughout the 80’s, multiple companies jockeyed for supremacy. Tires became increasingly important, and there were suddenly a wealth of brands from which to choose, including Carlisle ATV tires, Kenda ATV tires and Duro ATV tires, to name a few.

What's Next?

The industry expanded, and in 2006, engine emissions were added to the list of things to be monitored. The number of races and ATV events per year boomed. Innovations in every industry produce new and exciting models; we can't wait to see what's ahead for the ATV.  

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