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Yamaha 660 Raptor Rebuild

After my success with the Blaster project, I decided to attempt a rebuild on a quad that was strong from the start to see how I could improve it. I shopped around and found a nice deal on a 2001 Yamaha 660 Raptor. This model has some known issues, so I quickly put it to the test.

Before replacing several major components, I broke something just about every time I took it out. And it broke me a couple of times, too. When I sold this machine in 2006, though, she was a strong one.

   raptor atvraptor back right atv

The first day at home, I took it for a spin and found out that it sat too high and narrow for the flat track. I broke three ribs finding out how easy it high-sided.

front tire head on raptor ATVraptor rebuild ATV

Installed a lowering kit and fabricated a relocation mount as I wanted to keep my head lights.

raptor rebuild atvsuspension disk

In order to keep the rubber side down during while turning, I installed wheel spacers for a wider stance.

atv front angle atv headon

atv side view atv rear shot

First look at the quad with brand new Pure Sports Bandit Flat track tires on ITP T-9 Pro wheels. AC front Bumper, Rear Grab Bar, and Stickers added.

internal gear look atv

Discovered two known problems at this point: 1) Second gear is gone and 2) the clutch is on its way out. The 2001-02 660cc Raptors are notorious for blowing second gear. Having to use a gear that's too high for reverse is hard on the clutch.

engine removed atv

Took the engine out and someone borrowed my front bumper.

engine case split atv

Cases split.

crank kit atv

New Wiseco Hot Rod Crank Kit installed.

wiseco crank kit

Old transmission with the new 2003 gears installed.

2003 transmission plus new gears

I did some head work, adding new titanium valves and retainers with upgraded springs to a new Hot Cam.

new titanium valves for atv upgrade springs to atv hot cam

I had a good friend, Larry Zumbrun from LZ Racing, do a porting job. He’s the best top-end guy around. Larry put together a New Wiseco racing piston in a newly bored sleeve. I made a few other modifications to the engine and transmission and added a new clutch basket and HD clutch disc before putting it back in the chassis.

porting job on transmission

Look closely and you can see the cool, new exhaust working its way around.

exhaust atv exhaust interior atv

After adding a new Scorpion exhaust, she’s ready to roll! Awesome-running machine.

vertical side view atv vertical underbelly view atv

Here she is showing off her under carriage with an AC rear skid plate and nerf bars, a GYTR frame, and A-Arm Armor.

front view atv rebuild rear view atv rebuild

Also added some trail-riding, general purpose tires – 22-11.00-10 Maxxis All Trak in the rear and 22-7.00-10 Maxxis Front Pros up front. They are all mounted on ITP C-Series Cast polished wheels. Oh, and more stickers. Doesn’t she look mean?

front top view atv rebuild

Power Madd Hand guards help to keep the grips clean. And more stickers.

stickers atv side view rebuild

Moose shock covers, GYTR frame protectors, DG coolant and brake reservoir protectors.

exhaust pipe decal atv rebuild

A better look at the clean Scorpion Exhaust with an FMF sticker (just because it looked cool, and surprisingly never melted off).

renthal handlebar decal atv rebuild saddle bags atv rebuild

Trail Tech dash board and Renthal bars with a tethered kill-switch and twist throttle. The little red thumb lever in front of the throttle was a quick reverse switch.

atv angle view rebuild rear angle rebuild view

Ready to get serious. Looks good, doesn’t she? Take a long look because it’s the last time you’ll see her this clean.

atv trailers

Lock and load – going riding. Hatfield & McCoy, here we come.

atv woodland trails

Home-sweet-home, West Virginia. Hatfield & McCoy Trails Heaven is the best place I’ve ever had the pleasure to ride.

atv cabins

Making her earn her keep.

hilly terrain atv riding

This hill is a lot steeper than it looks – out of our group, only two of us went to the top.

hill view atv trail riding

We made it and here is a picture from the top, looking down at this beautiful country.

sliding atv dirt hill

I didn’t quite make it up this coal hill, but the tires started spewing coal down the hill. When I got off, the front end was tilting back, so my buddy Ken held her down while I took a picture before climbing back on. These pictures never look as steep as being there.

gas up the atv atv rest stop

Another neat thing about Hatfield & McCoy is they let you ride all over town. Here we are gassing up the quads and getting some grub.

atv in the water

Easiest and cheapest way to clean your quad before loading up to go home.

atv pack up

This photo is from a winter ride at a buddy’s hunting lodge in southern Ohio. Blew out my rear end on this trip! On the quad, that is.

atv blow out

Cold, muddy ride at Haspen Acres in Indiana. Burned up another clutch and broke my rear fender mounts from the weight of the mud. It took me days to get all this mud off. 

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