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Which ATV Model is Right For You?

An ATV/UTV is fun to have for exploring the outdoors and can serve many other purposes. But with such a huge selection out there, choosing an ATV suitable for your needs can become confusing. Here are Midwest Traction's suggested considerations when shopping for an ATV.


Everything depends on intended use. Many ATVs are designed to accomplish multiple tasks, but it's better to choose a machine that has maximum options and features suitable for your riding desires. Will you use your machine for trail riding, competition racing, farming, plowing snow, hunting?

Engine Size

Engine size varies greatly, which determines power and speed. You will need a bigger engine for accomplishing utility tasks like plowing or carrying cargo, but they're also important in sport racing.

Consider your strength and stature. Vehicles with larger engines require more control to steer, unless you opt for a power steering feature.  ATV's and UTVs with smaller engines are nimble and ideal for trail riding.

Fuel Injection or Carbureted System

Older models have a carbureted fuel system. These require more maintenance; if the ATV is not maintained properly, performance drastically reduces. Fuel injection systems control the air to fuel mixture electronically, thus providing easier start-up and more responsive acceleration. 

Single Rider or Passenger

ATVs are designed for single riders, but find two- and four-seater models do exist. UTV's are typically multi-passenger friendly.

Final Considerations

How do you plan to haul and store your new ATV? Where will you purchase replacement parts from? What if you blow a tire? Don't forget: Midwest Traction has ATV/UTV parts and tires in the online store.

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