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HMF Competition Series ATV Exhaust System

hmf-performance-competition-series-complete-exhaust-systemIf you are planning to crank up the power of your ATV, the best solution is adding an aftermarket exhaust system. You could replace the existing full exhaust system on your ATV or use a slip-on model. However, most new exhaust systems make your ATV noisier. In most public areas, the noise limit is 93 decibels, and when you cross this barrier, you face strong complaints from angry neighbors.



HMF has the perfect solution to this problem with their new Competition Series exhaust systems, which offer great performance while enabling control over noise. The clever design of the silencer has three inserts with progressively larger openings. If you want to keep the decibel level within mid-90 range, simply install the smallest insert. The midsize insert will restrict the decibels to the upper 90s, whereas the largest insert provides maximum power and limits decibels within 100.

These inserts can be changed easily since you only have to remove some hex screws of the end cap to place the insert inside. Sound output varies depending on the repacking of the exhaust and the density of air. 

Visible Alteration

Competition Series exhaust systems by HMF are available as full systems and slip-on models. The sports slip-on models are made of stainless steel with the silencer body in aluminum. They have a black powder coated finish and an end cap in polished aluminum. The exhaust will stand out on your ATV and enhance the looks of your vehicle.


An Earnest Recommendation

Many ATV manufacturers confirm that their vehicles are compatible with aftermarket exhaust systems; however, it is important to address the fuel system to acquire the maximum benefits. When your ATV has a fuel injection system, some sort of device is required for fuel management when installing an aftermarket system. HMF recommends fitting their Fuel Optimizer along with the Competition Series exhaust system. The device is pre-programmed and does not require tuning through a laptop computer. The HMF Fuel Optimizer has eight LED lights and three buttons on the face of the unit, which can be used for tuning the device.

After installing the Competition Series slip-on exhaust, without the Fuel Optimizer, many people reported that their ATV was running lean and the exhaust emanated more air compared to stock. After installing the fuel optimizer, the improvements were evident. The optimizer might require adjustment depending on how the motor performs on the idle and quarter throttle. Adjust the optimizer if you encounter any stalling issues.

After making the necessary adjustments you will notice a remarkable increase in the power of your ATV. However, with the smallest insert, the increase in power is modest. If you are looking for maximum power increase, use the biggest insert, but be ready for more sound.

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