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Things to know about racing ATV

You've invested in a great ATV and you love riding it around with your friends. You understand how it operates, how to maneuver on different terrain and how to handle it if something goes wrong. You've got all the protective gear and safety equipment and understand the rules of the road. So, now you’ve started thinking about entering some races. And why not? Off-roading is your sport! This is what you love to do!

Not so fast…Did you know that ATV races are organized by local (or national) sanctioning bodies? This means that to enter a race you will be required to be a member of the All Terrain Vehicle Association and be able to provide proof of membership if asked. You can purchase a competition membership for a year, or for a discounted price you can purchase up to a three-year membership. Check out some of the other benefits of becoming a member of the ATVA.

Once you’ve got your membership in order, check out your local ATV organizations for upcoming races in your area. You should enter your first couple of races as a novice, so you can race against other beginners and get a better grasp of your skill level. As you improve your skills and confidence, you can move through the ranks on up to the professional level.

You've probably seen big names such as Maxxis ATV tires and Dunlop ATV tires sponsoring major events and races. Why not find a local company to sponsor you or your team to help offset your racing costs? Many ATV enthusiasts find this very helpful and it does the sponsor a favor, by putting their name in public view.

Finally, check your ATV over and make sure it is suited for racing. See if your shocks are adequate, consider upgrading to racing ATV tires, look into some comfort grips and maybe some durable bumpers. And it wouldn’t hurt to check yourself over, too. Being in good physical shape will only improve your racing performance.

Once you’ve got all your bases covered, the most important thing is to have fun. This is your sport–happy competing!

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