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The Maintenance Required to Keep Your ATV in Top Form

The Maintenance Required to Keep Your ATV in Top Form

With each adventurous ride you take on your ATV, you are exposing your machine to drastic amounts of dust, mud, and water. Even though an ATV has a sealed engine and the suspension bushings do not need maintenance, there are certain minimum requirements for maintaining your ATV and keeping it in top form. If you take care of this minimum maintenance, you will have trouble-free rides and save quite a bit on overall servicing expenses. The frequency of these maintenance procedures will depend mainly on the duration of your rides and the level of harsh conditions present during the rides.

Maintaining the Air Filter

This is quite an easy and quick procedure. Simply pull out the air filter and give it a good wash with a filter cleaner. Then blow-dry the filter and lubricate it with filter oil before reinstalling. If you are going on very dusty rides, use a good quality pre-filter. You need to do this maintenance procedure at least once a month or after each dusty ride.

Maintaining the Proper Oil Level and Oil Filter

This maintenance procedure will keep your engine in sterling condition, particularly if you are taking long rides in hot conditions. Check your engine oil level often and top it off with the quality synthetic oil recommended by the manufacturer, or any engine oil that is suitable for the particular temperature range that you encounter during your rides. It is also necessary to drain off all the oil and refill with fresh oil every year. Also, replace the oil filter once a year.

Maintaining the Tire Pressure

The quality of your ATV ride largely depends on the tire pressure. If the pressure is too much, you are going to experience quite a rough ride, and your tires will wear out quickly. When the tire pressure is less than the required level, you will find it hard to steer, and handling the vehicle will become quite unpredictable. Even a difference of one pound per square inch (psi) can significantly change the enjoyment of your ride, so you need to check the pressure in all four ATV tires before every ride.

Checking Bellows and Boot

Keep a constant vigil on the quality of the rubber vent bellows on the gear case and the rubber boots on all four wheels. If you find them worn out or torn, it is best to replace them immediately before going on a ride, or else you will be facing some expensive repairs.

Checking for Condensation

This should be done regularly if you are riding in muddy and wet conditions. Condensation will take place when the hot gear casing and front differential are exposed to cool mud or water. The resulting condensation can contaminate your oil and cause your engine to malfunction. You can check for condensation by observing the quality of the oil. If the oil appears milky, it means there was condensation and you need to drain and refill with fresh oil. For checking the oil quality, simply dip a clean zip-tie into the plughole, and observe the oil sticking on it.

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