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The Importance of Properly Inflated ATV Tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that for tire-related crashes, under-inflation is the primary cause of tire malfunction.

Now, while these statistics don€'t explicitly apply to ATVs, there is no question that poor tire maintenance also contributes to ATV accidents. Therefore, many traditional tire safety and maintenance tips apply to your ATV tires.

The causes of under-inflation vary and depend on the rider, tire, and vehicle. One factor, the incremental pressure loss through the membrane of the actual tire, can result from overall wear and tear or poor tire construction. It goes without saying that it€'s important to ensure that the tires themselves are made of high-quality material for lasting performance.

Basic maintenance mandates that ATV riders check and adjust ATV tire pressure at least monthly and before any long or arduous excursion.

Even if you neglect to check the pressure, you will probably become aware of under-inflation through poor vehicle handling, increased fuel usage, and uneven tread wear.

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